Leadership Team

Beh Kim Ling —— Executive Chairman 
Mr.Beh started his business in1976 as a plastic molding technician in Singapore. Three years later, Mr.Beh established VS Industry Pte Ltd. which was principally involved in the manufacturing of cassettes and video tapes parts in Singapore. In 1982,Mr.Beh,together with his wife, relocated the entire business operations of VS Industry Pte Ltd. from Singapore to Johor Bahru,Malaysia. Currently, Mr Beh sits in the BOD of VSIG Ltd, Hong Kong and VS Berhad, as the Executive Chairman.

Mr. Beh Chern Wei——Managing Director
Mr. CW Beh, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2006. Upon graduation, Mr. CW Beh served for a year in the business development division of VS Berhad. After joining the Group, Mr. CW Beh served as a project manager and a business system manager in the Group’s production facilities in Zhuhai, the PRC, whereby he took part in activities relating to management enterprise resource planning system, business development, sales and marketing, supply chain management, operational management and project and product development. Mr. CW Beh is currently the group Managing Director mainly responsible for the financial management, information technology and supply chain management of the Group.

Mr.Zhang Pei Yu——Executive Director
Mr.Zhang has been with the Group since October 2000 and has been appointed as an executive Director since 5 November 2001.Prior to joining the Group,Mr,Zhang held various managerial position with a number of large state-owned enterprises and government bureau in PRC, including Shenyang Auto Mobile Manufacturing Factory, Shenyang Light industry Bureau, planning Economy Committee of Shengyang and Shenyang Jinbei Company. Mr.Zhang has gained substantial in corporate management and business development in the PRC.

Ms. Beh Hwee Sze —— Alternate Director 

Mr. CS Chong —— Corporate Finance Director
Mr. LOW Hang Vow —— Operations Finance Controller
Mr. Beh Kim Sia —— Managing Director, VS Hanoi
Mr. LIEW San Kim —— General Manager
Ms. ZHANG Ge —— Human Resources and Administrative Director